May 13

Smile Implant Center – Permanently Closed

Smile Implant Center has closed its doors permanently due to legal, financial and the personal health of Dr. Teich.

Dr. Teich is in the process of arranging with another facility in Santa Ana to have our case files and lab work transferred to this facility. This transfer is in its infancy as the initial discussions/arrangements began this past Saturday. It is my understanding this facility has been in business for 35 years, has 7 doctors and access to 33 labs.

It is not possible for there to be any transfer of monies between Smile Implant Center and the new facility but at least this new facility is willing, at this point, to take on our cases and work with us to finish our treatments, if we so choose. Many of us know that finding a new facility to take on an incomplete case has been difficult if not impossible; hence we have become Dental Orphans.

Presently there is a call center taking our names and phone numbers for the new facility. If you are interested you can call 714-569-1530 and leave your information. When you call you will be read a scripted statement the personnel were given, after which the individual will take your name and number. These individuals do not have any further information either about Dr. Teich, Smile Implant Center or our case status. They are there for intake only.

I know this is frightening, maddening and emotionally exhausting but please keep a check on your emotional state when speaking with these intake personnel, they too only know what you will be read.

Additionally, once we get and attend appointments with this new facility we need to be mindful not to transfer any feelings we may be experiencing, as a result this situation, on to the staff of this new facility. This new facility is not required legally, morally or ethically to take on our cases so let’s be careful we don’t inadvertently punish them, or we may end up maintaining our status as Dental Orphans.

I will be posting any new and/or definitive appropriate information as I receive it. If you receive any information please let me know by posting a reply on this blog. Also please feel free to post your experiences with the new facility to let us know how that is going. I will do the same.

Again the number for the intake call center is 714-569-1530.


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  1. Bill Smith

    Dropped by their office today, unaware that Smile Implant had closed their doors on Saturday… I can’t say I’m surprised – I have been trying to get my work completed and ALMOST had it done at the end of March. When they shut down last summer for a short time, I figured I saw the ‘writing on the wall’. From what I understand, my ‘teeth’ should be finished in their lab. And we can all safely assume that the ‘ethical’ Dr. Teich was well prepared for this closure, so getting any kind of compensation from him in way of cash… ya – not likely.

    Maybe this ‘other’ office will be gracious and provide some form of discount – considering their practice may well increase as a result of all of us ‘orphans’…

  2. Dr Alex

    Dear ALL
    I am one of the key dentists of the new facility taking over after SIC. As a healthcare practitioner I am deeply sympathetic with all hardship you had to endure.
    I would like to assure you that our practice has been around for 37 years serving generations of folks in Santa Ana. We are in a business of comprehensive treatments and addressing multiple needs. All of you do not just need quick implants: you need ongoing care. Few of you came in (outside of being reasonably upset) are very nice folks needing a lot more than finishing implant work. I would urge you to understand that “quick and easy” implant placement is not always the end of your treatment but just a beginning.

    Now, to the hard facts:
    We were contacted by Dr. T and his attorney to help them find a new Dental home for you, we were given no money.
    We are in a process of getting your records and should have them in our hands this weekend.
    We will try to get your cases but it might be problematic.
    Dr. T has a BK case and we can furnish case number and attorney handling it to you upon your visit.
    SIC will not reopen due to multiple issues.
    You are free to go to any dentist to finish the work and we will do our best to provide you with the records.
    Our call center (I hate doing to you) is set up so as not to choke our office with your calls.
    We WILL call everyone with in 24 hours.
    We will try to help you as much as we can to at least understand what to do next.

    Please be patient with us: we are trying very hard, and will be in a much better position to understand all the issues shortly.

    I think it is better for you to post your questions here in a blog and I promise to read it and reply every 2-3 days.

    1. Phyllis Hunt

      Hi Dr Alex,

      I am not surprised to hear that they have closed down and I don’t expect you to do the remaining work for me for free.

      I do want the work to be completed and maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

      I received a voice mail message from Angelica at Affinity Dental Center. I hope this is your center.

      Is it possible for one of your staff to schedule my appointment and let me know when/where. I will keep that appointment.

      Thank you -

  3. Jeri Linnert

    Where are all our records? What happened to all our teeth and lab work that were done by their labs? I paid cash up front over a year ago. All my work was suppose to be completed this month. I have no insurance and this was something that I had saved for years to have done. What are people like me suppose to do wait for years again to get my work completed. The whole reason I had this done was for one stupid implant right in the front of my mouth. So I would be able to smile at my sons wedding. I’m totally devestated. What is so disturbing is they have known about this for the past six months. What am I suppose to tell my son. How am I suppose to face anyone? I don’t know what to do?

    1. Debbie

      Jeri, I spoke with Dr. Teich last Monday. He told me our records and lab work was still at his office. He told me my bridge was completed and just needed placed on my implants. I asked him if I could come down to pick them up and he told me he would call me back at the end of the week to let me know. Wait for it . . . you probably guessed, no phone call. If you haven’t read already, in his statement Dr. Alex (Message From New Facility) states, “We are in a process of getting your records and should have them in our hands this weekend.” Just as soon as I finish here I will put that question to Dr. Alex. I know this is so devastating for all of us. I’m going to email you with my phone number so we can talk privately.

      1. Patricia Ballin

        Hi Debbie, have you heard anything from Dr. Alex regarding the status of the dental records and lab work?
        I sent you a private message – I hope you could call me when you have a chance.

  4. Gregory S.

    OMG I have taken a loan out to pay for my teeth(Full Implants) and I am presently wearing my temps from Feb2012 awaiting a call to have my perrmanents put in since Nov. 2012. But never got a call from SIC. I am so frighten at this point as to what to do about retrieving my permanents. I need help badly my teeth are starting to feel painful and I am presently pay a monthly fee of $400.00 that I will be paying for several years to come. Wow now I have to find some Dental office to complete my dental needs and of course, I will have to pay another Dental office for some permanents. Dr, Teich can you please just let us get our implants from your labs so Dr Alex or someone can help us. I am not a rich man. I live on a budget in a economic time were something like this will send me to the steet to live. Anybody, I need help now.

    1. Debbie

      Gregory, I’ve sent you an email with my phone number. Call me.

  5. Holly Tolstoy

    Is this blog still being monitored? I left a message for Debbie using the Contact form on 05/24 and again on 05/26 and no one has replied. I will leave it again here in the hopes that someone will get back with me and tell me what the best course of action should be to remedy my situation.

    We have paid $28,000. up front for me to have the upper & lower All-on-Four implants. My 1st upper surgery failed & there were issues during the 2nd surgery in which it was NOT completed. I’ve had a temp full upper denture for a LONG time now that’s broken in half 3X which I’ve put back together w/my artificial nail powder/glue. Also, my lower implants have needed maintenance and adjusting, due to my gums shrinking, for a long time as well. No one ever calls me back for either another surgery date or for follow-up for my lowers. I NEED to get my upper implants, etc. ASAP. If someone would please get back with me as soon as possible I’d really appreciate it. Thank you very much. HT

    1. Debbie

      Hi Holly,
      I sent you an email with my phone number, please call me. I am sorry about the delay in getting back to you my computer went down and spent a few days in the shop.

  6. Pura Gutierrez

    Wow, I just posted a message a few minutes ago BEFORE I read this Closure section. Debbie, looks like you are the person we need to contact for all updates. Do you have any information if the new facility will give us “reasonable” cost. I took a loan for this implant have painstakingly fully paid the installment. Thank you for your help and advice.

  7. Stella Struyck

    My husband got all upper and lower implants from Teich in Dec 2011, he never received his permanent implants from him despite our constant calling and trying to get appointments, they kept stringing us along. He is still wearing the temporaries which are now becoming too large and uncomfortable. We had to borrow money to pay for this procedure up front and Teich ripped us off. My husband went to the new dental office now taking these cases on June 12th and his records were there, they will help him with new implants but we will have to pay almost as much as we paid Teich. We are not rich and do not have means to come up with large sums of money to go through this again and cannot afford more monthly payments.

  8. Teresa

    Initial contact with SIC started 9-21-2010, therefore it is going on three years of frustration, pain (for example bleeding of inside cheeks due being accidentally bitten by poorly installed full implants). After 12 to 15 visits for adjustments, each time spending most of the day just sitting there with not too much happening, they might remove and reinstall them although one of the workers said that it was not good to remove them too often. Sometimes it was just a little filing and “Try that for a few weeks”. Have worn the temporaries longer then the permanents since they often sent the permanents back to the lab for modification. A couple of times when they were returned, the doctor (not Teich) said the lab did not follow instructions. The last time I was there, the permanents were reinstalled, though not repaired correctly, because the temporaries broke. A final solution, that the arc of the teeth was too wide (should be a more narrow “horseshoe”). This was what Carlos, the Head Lab Technician said that a committee and an outside reviewer concluded. This “final” appointment was not able to be actualized, every phone call was always a promise to be called back but to no avail. Finally, after tracking SIC to a new address in Santa Ana on the internet, there was a letter on it from him to make an appointment with him on-line by picking three dates that would be convenient for us. These dates went by with no response. Tried again with three new dates since the other ones were past. He mailed me back a letter with one of those dates.This on-line process took two to three months, but better late then never. Arrived on time for the appointment at his new place which was very unappealing (small, windowless, dirty carpets etc.) but that was not my major concern. To my surprise the unfriendly receptionist said that I had no appointment. When I showed her the letter with the appointment date that was sent to me, she said that that was for me to respond with a verification that I agreed to it. She then would not let me talk with anyone else but escorted me out to the door. I did not want to cause any trouble so I left, but was tempted to do a “sit-in” even if police were to be called.
    Now weeks later, still contemplating what to do next, I was notified of a family member in Europe with a serious medical problem. I purchased an airline ticket to leave June 25 for a few months to help out with the recovery. Yesterday, while starting to eat my salad (soft leaves) I felt something hard among them. Spitting it out I recognized a broken tooth. Turns out that it is on the very front, very noticeable and impossible to hide. How can I have it repaired in the next nine days? Teich took almost $30,000 of my hard earned money and there is no way I can afford to start over again after the sacrifices I have had to make these past couple of years to come up with that money.

  9. Anita Matamoros

    Hi Debbie,

    Can you please advise if the lab was able to complete my dentures. I am a 76 year old woman that paid for new dentures over a year ago. i hope the lab has my dentures so I can get them installed. If you have any compassion for an older woman like me please advise.

    Thank you

    1. Debbie

      I just sent you an email with my number, please feel free to call me and I will give you the information you will need to check on your dentures. Debbie

  10. Kevin McDonald

    If you were a VICTIM of Smile Implant Center, I am doing a TV expose on this whole situation and pushing for changes in the law so the idiots at the CA Dental Board cannot let felons and drug addicts get a licenses in the future. If you want to tell your story…write to kevin@practicallyinvisible.com BTW I had my case completed by OCDental Specialists and I am very happy.

  11. Terri Harrison

    We have been hacked by this arrogant, sociopath of a dentist.

    We have had all the same waste of time, run around that everyone else had including meetings with Teich which he had recorded by his office personnel.
    My husband paid the finance company in full because they were no help to us.

    Eleven broken teeth, preposterous ill fitting teeth, Jaw pain, headaches, TMJ and promises of refunds by his henchman Mike Snyder
    We live in fear of these $25,000 teeth failing.
    It’s ironic that we should have this fear in addition to the pain he constantly has isn’t it?
    We just don’t have the money to re-do what we felt was a huge sum of money.. to give my husband a better quality of life in comparison to his dentures he wore.
    This has not improved his life, it has been a nightmare.

    We have had another dentist fix as well as he could, the worst of the worst, his lowers which were way to big for his mouth for an additional $6,000 dollars

    We retained a lawyer who finally gave up in the suit when Teich filed for bankruptcy.
    We are out of options and this criminal should be in jail for fraud, malpractice and even manslaughter for the woman who died in his chair.

    His license is up for review with the California dental board in August.
    But whats going to prevent him from going to another state and opening another office like he’s done in the past?

    1. Debbie

      Hi Terri,
      I am so sorry you too have been raked over the coals. Have you written up your experience and filed a report with the CA Dental Board? If not, get that in as soon as possible. Even after our teeth are completed (I have to put out another $6000. also to complete mine) there is still work to be done on this whole situation. I’m hoping to get with someone this week to discuss what can, should be done.

  12. Narinder MAKKAR

    My implant work was completed but I have some problem with the bite. Also some crowns came off. Would you have my records.

    Please email me


    1. Debbie

      Hi Narinder,
      You can call 714-569-1530 to set up an appointment with the dental facility that has taken on Smile Implants patients since the closing. They will take your information and if you like, set you up for a free consultation with X-rays at which point you can let them know you will be wanting a copy of your records. If they have it, in most cases so far they do, you can get a copy for $40.00. Let me know how it goes. Debbie

  13. Gingi

    It was nice that the new dental office is contacting people with this latest update on SIC and to let me know my “final’ appointment was cancelled due to the closure of the Santa Ana office. It took months to find out where the Newport Beach SIC office moved to last year…Didn’t even know it was closed….. left months of messages for information and appointments that were never answered
    My records are in storage somewhwere..
    Thankfully I didn’t set up and pay for all the teeth he wanted to make implants for..only got 3 of 12 !!
    I cannot find out if the lab ever made anything from the impressions taken from my last visit before his bankruptcy filing..if it WAS done and is there somewhere, they should have to turn them over to the new dental office.
    Unknown: Was he still using his own lab? or sending out impressions to another one this year? They should have records of whose teeth were done there and if they were delivered. They are useless to anyone except the patient made for. I would pick it up, to have it so I wouldn’t have to make another and purchase again! No money back but at least anything that could be salvaged for patients!
    Couldn’t we request our complete records be turned over to us if SIC is now shut down, since they have transferred the records elsewhere..
    Why do we have to pay for a copy when we’ve already paid in advance for the entire procedure, that was not completed and are forced to go elsewhere and pay again! Since I am now forced to go to a new location and pay again, I prefer going to one closer to my home, so I would like to claim my actual dental records.
    Please email me with any information you have on records and the lab facility used if it wasn’t Dr Teich’s.
    The new office couldn’t give me any details

    Thank you

    1. Debbie

      Sent you an email, check your inbox. Debbie

  14. Greg

    I have a broken lower crown and can chew on only one side. I still have lower TEMPS for a few years now and was never given the permanents I’ve paid for. I’ve been trying for years to get them replaced with perms and was finally told I’d need to pony up another $1,500 or so to get what I originally paid for in the first place. Is there any recourse for us orphans? I also badly need upper work done and don’t know where to turn. Does anyone have any honest solutions? Please help!

    1. Debbie

      Hi Greg,
      I just sent you an email. Debbie

  15. Beatriz Camponovo

    All this is devastating to know, we trusted a Dentist and put all our life savings in his hands while he is probably leaving the life at a Newport Beach home protected by the bankruptcy laws, amazing…. Debbie, I just spoke with the new office, I went for a consultation last month and they were going too look for my lab work, but as of today they have nothing except for my file. What happened with all my lower crowns?, they were almost done, last time I went to see you guys in Santa Ana, Carlos had them practically finish. Would you please look into this? it will help to alleviate the cost on the new treatment as I paid $25,000 up front for a job that was never completed and went on for over 2 years. Please let me know where can I get the zirconia crowns that supposedly were done, or maybe they were not zirconia and that is why they have “disappear”. Please help!

    1. Debbie

      Hi Beatriz,
      Just sent you an email with my number, call me?

  16. Pissed Off

    I wouldn’t trust this guy with my dog’s teeth.

    1. Debbie

      Every time I look at your post I have to laugh. I have an old cat and I feel the same. LOL.

  17. Ana Pérez

    I knew from the moment they closed the first facility that they were up to not good. They kept lying and canceling my appointments, so I just gave up and went to a another dentist who treated me like a human, he treated me with compassion after I told him about my experience with SIC. They still have my 3000. My hard earn money :( If anyone is interested the name of the clinic that I went to, is Pacific Blue Dental and is located in Lawndale Ca.

  18. Laura Ramirez

    Debbie, I recently had a baby that’s why I didn’t go back to my second appointment , then I call and I find this out. I have took out a loan to pay for this and I’m currently unemployed please help

  19. Debbie

    Just sent you an email, call me.

  20. Paula Gutierrez

    I am on tears right now! I paid SIC for my implants in full in March 2013! I had an appt next week to finish my work and now they are closed???? WTF! I WIPED OUT MY ENTIRE 401K TO GET THIS DONE! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO????? This must be a joke! I don’t have the funds to go anywhere else…. does anyone know what I can do? I feel so violated right now!

    1. Debbie

      Hi Paula,
      I just sent you an email with my phone number. Give me a call please.

  21. Skye

    I also paid in full. After multiple surgeries and Implants failing I opted for a 6 tooth bridge instead of another failed implant surgery. Does anyone know if the lab work is also transferred to the new office. Just got a quote for a new permanent bridge and was 4025. There is no way i can afford that I’m hoping I can just get the perm bridge that was made installed to finish this nightmare. So frustrated.

    1. Debbie

      Just sent you an email, check your inbox.

  22. LA Creasure

    I was just informed today that the Smile Implant Doors are closed. I have been trying to get a refund for service not rendered for over a year ( 6/2012) for a 1000.00 deposit on denal implants. I had to cancel my appointment due a family emergency that resulted in the death of my grandmother last year. I am so sadden by this news. How will I get my money back now? I am not very trusting of this organization to call the intake center to do my dental work.

  23. Mike

    Un-flipping real!!! I join the rest of you that paid in full up front. I knew it!! Knew this was a flim flam company but was already into it for $25k. I am beyond angry… I left messages with no return but was finally contacted by the company who has our records. They’ve given me an appointment for next week for consultation. Very nice lady but let me know up front that well, obviously nothing’s covered from previous work done by this idiot. What a freaking nightmare. Unbelievably screwed again, I’m freaking pissed off!!

    1. Debbie

      Hi Mike,
      I certainly understand and identify with your loss and anger. I will give you a call later today.

      1. Mike

        Thanks for the talk Debbie. I filed my complaint.


        1. Debbie

          You are welcome and very well done.

  24. Anonymous

    As a former employee of SIC, not surprised to see it shut down. Way too much drama and problems going on there to even list. Glad to see new management taken over. I feel sorry for the former patients who were taken advantage of by the suspended Dr T.

    1. Debbie

      Hey Anonymous, thanks for posting. I sent you an email with my number. Please call me? Debbie

  25. Mike

    Just got back from Affinity Dental. They did a free consultation, X-rays. I paid $20k for dental work at SIC and received an estimate from Affinity for upwards of $22K to do what Teich didn’t do and said he was going to do for which I paid… I have a temporary hybrid bottom bridge that was supposed to be Zirconia? $17k for that, and 5 crowns replaced up top that were done in April “permanent” $5k for that. They were very pleasant at Affinity, they feel for us former patients. They said they’d work with me on the cost and I got my records at no charge just need to wait 2 weeks. I’m at a crossroads here because my upper teeth are all loose which means they all need to be replaced, when they were all replaced in April of this year. Do not have the words to describe my mind set at this point.

    1. Debbie

      I totally get where your at Mike. I was just to a local dentist here yesterday and it is going to cost me $15,000.00 to have done what I have already paid $19,000.00 to Teich for. Although I have my lab box with what was supposed to be my finished bridge we found that they are basically useless, so I have to start all over again. The more I hear and find out the more I am believing that Teich’s “situation” was not just something that happened, the business growing too fast and it getting away from him. I am tending to believe his is just a criminal through and through. The best we can work towards and hope for is for the Dental Board to revoke his license. Oh, and I agree with you about Affinity, they are a bunch of decent professional people. Stay in touch. Debbie

      1. Mike

        Digging deeper Debbie. He hadn’t paid rent in the Newport Beach office for over 6 months. When they moved to Santa Ana they didn’t have phones, (I’m guessing they didn’t pay their phone bill either) and they wouldn’t take credit card payments just cash or check… You can’t dispute checks when they’re cashed the next day. Obviously he was aware of everything he was doing towards the end. Freakin thief, so many people got hosed with this guy.


        1. Irma


          I totally agree with you. When all this started to happen and they closed the Newport Beach office, I actually felt sorry for Dr Teich. I felt that he was a misguided business man who just got overwhelmed and had no idea what to do except keep on seeing patients as if nothing else was happening. But as the months pass and I keep on reading everyone’s posts about their experiences, I cannot excuse or put blame anywhere else, except with Dr Teich himself. As soon as things started turning downward he should have stepped in and nipped it in the bud before things got worse. And what did he do? He kept on seeing patients, doing procedures and taking on new patients. All the while having everyone paying large amounts of money upfront. I don’t know how he slept at night thinking of all his patients who he lied to their faces. I am also angry at his staff. We all trusted all of them and they also lied to everyone to their faces and made all of us think everything was going smoothly when it wasn’t. At the very least, he should have stopped taking any new patients and focused on trying to help the ones he already had. I hope to God that he will never be allowed to practice again.


          1. Debbie

            I felt the same as you did Irma, that Teich was overwhelmed. I don’t anymore. The believe the reason he can sleep at night is because he has no conscience. Our best hope, that his license is revoked. The only way that will happen is if we all be sure to file complaints with the Dental Board. Even if that doesn’t happen at least this blog will be a red flag to anyone researching him as a potential source of treatment.

  26. Lost-Lost

    I just learn about the SIC matters two days ago after fruitlessly waiting for their call about my next appointment. I had paid them the entire sum for the upper and lower implant and crowns. What should I do next?
    I am totally lost. What can I do?

    1. Mike

      Lost-Lost there’s a lot of us in the same position. If you had work done and it’s incomplete contact Affinity Dental in Santa Ana, they seemed to have acquired our dental records. (714-953-6881) I was just there earlier this week as you can see from my above notes. If you paid with a card you may have some recourse in disputing the charge for incomplete work. This is what they told me at the dental office, some of the patients have had some, not a bunch of success with this. I’m not counting on this but will give this a try. I think I’m screwed though since my work was done last year in March and was paid then. Good luck!


    2. Irma

      Lost Lost, Mike is right. If you paid by credit card or financed it there is a chance you can atleast get partially reimbursed. We financed my husband’s dental work through ChaseHealth because we simply did not have the cash on hand to pay for his dental work and that is the only financing SIC would accept. After they permanently closed we contacted them and filled out their dispute letter and included documentation of what we had paid for and what was done and what was not. To my surprise they credited both accounts and in fact ended up reimbursing us some money back. After reading everyone’s stories about their experiences at SIC, I consider ourselves very lucky to have had the ourcome we had. So please give it a shot if you can. It is worth the time and effort.


      1. Debbie

        Wow, you are lucky on that account Irma. I filed 2 disputes and they refused to refund any money. When did this refund occur for you, since we spoke? Hey, you still have my number? Call me?

  27. Roger Wirsing

    I have had over $25,000 of dental work done at Smile Implant Center. I was always uncomfortable paying in advance (at one time I had a $16,000 advance payment). Luckily my work was completed, however when I needed a new implant I looked around and found a new dentist that was competitive in price, required payment not in advance but on an as the work was completed policy – PLUS – kept appointments without the delays suffered at Smile Implant Center. Wonderful dentist, wonderful work, and highly recommended by me “Farshid Borna, D.D.S., M.S. (310) 553-1583 – I find it difficult to believe that advance payments are not returned, sounds like fraud is in play.

    1. Debbie

      Oh how wonderful Roger, it is sooo good to hear of someone not suffering a loss because of Teich and Abazarnia. AND thank you for that referral. Yes, fraud is what it is, that is what I believe as well as many others I’ve spoken with. They are, Thomas Teich, Michael Snyder and Nadia Abazarnia criminals in my opinion. Whether by omission or comission they all played their part in it. Again thank you for caring enough to post a new source for dental care for us. I will be gathering up these referrals and giving them their own post so they are easily findable. Debbie

  28. Frank Goley

    Hi, 8-30-13
    I just got home and there was a voice mail from Angelic at Affinity Dental. I called back and it went to voice mail. I thought that I had a appointment at SIC 9-16-13 at 12 noon. After reading all these posts I see that I am out of luck. This was a follow up. I had 4 implants put in lower front center. I had the finished 7 tooth crown put in a few months ago. The problem is that the bite is off ( is not inline with the top teeth, on an angle, not alot but noticeable). I can live with that but a bigger problem is that it is always sore. I think it is too tight on the inside bottom. After reading these posts, I think I am one of the lucky ones. I hope it just needs an adjustment. I guess I can get an appointment with Affinty Dental And see what they can do , but it looks like I will have to pay for it.

    1. Debbie

      Wow another lucky person! I am glad for you. Do see if Affinity can help you, a bite that is not right can create other problems down the line. If you find out that the work you had done by SIC isn’t what it should be, you need to file a report with the Dental Board. Teich and Abazarnia have done a lot of poor work and left a lot of people up the creek without a paddle. Debbie

  29. KM

    I am filing a HIPAA privacy violation for the transfer of my records without my permission. I did not provide my authorization to Smile Implant Center to transfer my personal records to another dentist and they did so with the intent of selling services to me through the new entity. It is bad enough the lowlife felon screwed so many people, now they are blatantly providing confidential information without patient authorization.

    If you would like to file a complaint too…here is the link. https://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/cp/wizard_cp.jsf

    1. Debbie

      Well I didn’t think of that one. Even before everything was transferred I requested of Teich to give me my stuff, that I come and pick up my file and lab box. All he said was he’d get back to me but never did of course. Next thing I know he’s notifying me he hand delivered my stuff to Affinity. By the way, you HAVE file a complaint with the Dental Board, yes?

  30. Kevin McDonald

    There should be a class action against the Dental Board. They should have never given him a license.

    1. Debbie

      I sooo agree and maybe they should reimburse us our lost money.

  31. M

    I’m in the same situation as almost everyone else! I got a loan of $30,000 to pay for my implants with Thomas Teich (I won’t even call him a doctor because he does not deserve that title). My implants are uneven, unfinished, and I am very unhappy with his work and work ethics. It has been a nightmare since my implants and I have not been able to function as a normal person due to the damage he has done to my mouth. I am finding out now that he has still been accepting new customers even after he filed for bankruptcy.

    Where do I start to file a complaint and how do I handle the loan that I am still paying for without my implants completed?

  32. Alex

    Dear M!
    Stop by-let’s see if it can be finished!

  33. Jo Wells

    I think the deeper issue here is that a lot of patients expected good dentistry to be performed at a very low cost and a very quick turnaround time while being treated as an individual. It’s difficult to find that combination in any business model, especially dentistry. Patients that need implants have suffered from tooth loss due to a number of issues like tooth decay, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, etc. Placing an implant, like Dr. Alex mentioned above, isn’t the end point and I really feel for all of the patients on this site because a comprehensive approach to your treatment is needed. In most instances, these patients need to approach a specialist for their treatment. You pay more, you get it done right the first time. Just because the sign on the door says “Implantologist” or “Cosmetic Dentist” doesn’t mean the dentist has specialized in these fields. A weekend course on how to glue a veneer on a tooth at an “institute” in Las Vegas or how to drill an implant in someone’s head doesn’t make for a specialist. A specialist is someone who has undergone years of training above and beyond the four years of dental school at an American Dental Association accredited program. If you’re seeking implant therapy, the best approach is to have a very experienced and respected general dentist create a proper treatment plan for you that’s not based on how much they can make off of you during your first visit. Create a relationship with a dentist you can trust, ask questions, demand them to be honest with you. If they’re too busy to treat you and don’t take time to explain, then seek one that will. If the treatment planning is too complex to handle under the general dentist, they can refer you to a Prosthodontist. The Prosthodontist (a specialist in prosthetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry, esthetic dentistry, and implant dentistry) can either perform all of the procedures under one roof including the implant placement, or they can work closely with a Periodontist (a specialist in maintenance of your natural teeth through management of infections in your gums, a specialist who performs bone grafting and dental implant placement procedures) to perform the bone grafting and implant placement, but you would have to return to the general dentist or Prosthodontist to finish up your procedure and schedule you for the proper maintenance of your health. Unfortunately the culture of dental treatment in southern California has given the patients the impression that they can get patchy treatment from multiple dentists as long as they price shop and get the best deal without realizing that in the end, you’re really doing yourself a disservice by not having a trusted healthcare professional with your best interest taking care of you. Yes, it costs more and takes longer to have quality work done, and it costs more to have a specialist perform some of these procedures, but there’s a very good reason for that. All of this may not apply to everyone here and I have a lot of empathy to everyone that’s been mistreated by this clinic and wish all of you the best in getting the proper treatment completed. Please do your research and ask questions before putting your health and beauty in someone else’s hands.

    1. Debbie

      Eloquently said Jo and so right. Are you a dental professional yourself?

      1. Jo Wells

        Hi Debbie,
        Yes, I’m a practitioner and a specialist. It’s a professional courtesy to not criticize other dentists openly because we weren’t there to personally see what the situation was at the time of the procedures, but I think the patient responses speak volumes. It just amazes me that California gives dental licenses to dentists who have had theirs revoked in other states. I know of another dentist with the same situation who practices in LA and OC. My only advice is to do your research and have somebody vouch for the dentist you go to. There are a lot of talented general dentists and specialists in OC and I really hope for the best for all of the patients here.

  34. Vickie Karnos

    Debbie, if I remember correctly, someone told me that my teeth had been completed. But Affinity Dental says they don’t have them. So, I am wondering where they might be so I can get them fitted and be able to start wearing them.

    What do I do next? Thanks for your help!

    Vickie Karnos
    (760) 608-9393

  35. Tom B.

    This :”other’ office, is also owned by Teich!! Guy’s a con artist, a crook and a coke head. I believe he lost his license to be a dentist in California.

  36. Tom B.

    I went to this schister several years ago after seeing the TV ad. I needed an implant right in front, and had gone to several different dentists seeking estimates. I had a good idea how much it was going to cost me, and I just wanted to see what this facility was all about. It was a completely FREE consultation, free x-rays and and everything else. I had nothing to lose. i wasn’t going to let them perform any work on me, so all I had to do was get myself there early in the morning, which is a long drive from Los Feliz. It was a huge and impressive facility. Everything seemed OK, including staff and X-Rays and consultation. The last procedure was when Dr. Teich came out to examine me. We were all lined up in chairs and he came examined us all one by one. I knew IMMEDIATELY there was something up with this guy. My gut told me he was not to be trusted. He was WAY TOO excited, like he was on coke or something. He was repeatedly trying to joke around with me, but he wasn’t funny and it was awkward and embarasssing. He was trying WAY TOO HARD!! I knew right in that moment I had to find someone else. It didn’t cost me a thing, and it was an interesting experience. I feel terrible for all the folks who got suckered in by this crook. I found a guy through an ad in the LA Weekly who did a masterful job on my implant and it only cost me $1,200. He’s on Sunset and Doheny in that big high rise. If anyone’s looking for a good dentist for an implant, his name is Dr. Meir Agaki.

    1. Debbie

      Hi Tom, Thanks for posting a doctor who can be trusted. I’m glad you didn’t loose anything at SIC. I had never met Teich until after my implants were done. That’s when I started getting the runaround.

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