May 17

Teich Surrenders License

Thomas J. Teich is no longer able to practice dentistry in California. He surrendered his license 02/04/2014. He is unable to apply for a new license for 3 years. You can read about it here [scroll down to public record documents]:$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=49682&P_LTE_ID=706.

Who knows if he will tuck his tail and leave CA, one can only hope! Even so if he reapplies in CA later or goes to another state, anyone researching the internet will find a lot of data and complaints by past patients that should deter them from getting any treatment from him.

Now a days employers use the internet to check on potential employees so they might think twice about employing him, even at Burger King or McDonalds. But hey, if you happen to hear a familiar voice saying, “Would you like fries with that?” look up to find him serving you, just turn and walk out.

So for now the peoples of California are safe from Thomas J. Teich. Good work Smile Implant Victims!

Dec 23

Update: My Treatment

My treatment is complete! I went to Division Street Dental @ 868 Auto Center Drive, Suite D, Palmdale, CA 93551, (661) 945-2616, Email: to have the work completed, actually we had to start from scratch to create the bridge work. The product that Teich claimed was complete was in fact not complete and actually turned out to be useless. It also wasn’t what I paid for, but what’s new there? 

The process at Division took only 5 appointments and that was with sending the work to an outside lab. Dr. Matthew Baker, who’s a real cutie, did the work. He even rekindled my faith in dentistry. He listens to your concerns, what you need and want, then produces it. His knowledgeable confidence is reassuring and comforting. The staff is polite, respectful, personable, knowledgeable and professional. The environment is clean and attractive. Also, there is none of that 6 hours sitting in the chair waiting to be treated. This office appears to know how to run a business. 

When you call the office a live person answers the phone, answering any questions you have. If the phone person doesn’t have the answer to your question(s) they will take your number to call you back with the answer, then, they actually call you back with the answer(s); imagine that!! 

I am very pleased with the work Dr. Baker did. My teeth are beautiful, fit perfectly and feel really good. So good in fact that there are moments I forget they aren’t my natural teeth. The best part is I don’t have that continuous underlying worry/anxiety that my teeth are going to break or disintegrate. My only concern now is whether I should get a face lift to match my smile.

 So, if you are still without treatment; unable to find someone trustworthy, call Division for a consultation. And hey, let me know when your appointment is, and maybe we can meet in person?  



Jul 22

License Update


Licensee Name: TEICH, THOMAS  JOHN
License Type: DENTIST
License Number: 49682
Expiration Date: April  30, 2015
Issue Date: May  01, 2002
STE 200
State: CA
Zip: 92704
County: ORANGE
Actions: Yes

Jun 04

Just Saying

I find something curious in the situation we have experienced, a dichotomy if you will; there are feelings of being taken advantage of, ripped off, betrayed, et cetera, hence viewing Dr. Teich as a crook, evil, criminal, et cetera. Yet on the other hand reports of positive interactions, caring and compassionate interactions with Dr. Teich, unrelated doctors stating he did good surgical work, nice, and beautiful lab work. Some patients have had their work completed and some not. I feel I’m in the unique position of not only having experienced the same, but to be reading and hearing in phone conversations of the dichotomies expressed which puts me in an interesting position.

So, if we take a viewpoint of him in the positive, then we question how he could have done this. In that questioning we feel confused, self doubting (“how could I have been so wrong?”). That confusion and self doubt, being uncomfortable propels us to the viewpoint of him in the negative: in the negative, we feel anger, and again self doubt (“how did I not see this”). Seems no matter how we try to resolve it, while in either side, we feel discomfort. I’m wondering if anyone is relating to this to a lesser or greater degree?

As a result of feeling, hearing and reading the opposing ideas about him over the last few months, something mentally and emotionally shifted inside me, just in the past 24 hours. This shift went from bouncing back and forth between positive to negative to being separated from above or below the two sides.

Putting it graphically (P = Positive, N = Negative, V = Viewpoint – mine)


P <–  V  –> N        to             V            or            P     N

                                            /    \                           \    / 

                                        P     N                           V


As a result of this shift, my internal discomfort began decreasing and is dissipating. Then, last night while reading with the TV on, I caught part of a conversation out of the corner of my ear, on Bill Moyer (have never watched him before) in which I partially heard the interviewee say something about holding opposing ideas and mentioning the name, Fitzgerald. So I went to the Internet and look what I found:

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see things as hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Isn’t that what we are doing here?

May 16

Messages From New Facility – Dr. Alex

I think these postings deserve a space of their own rather than just as a replies underneath a blog. I am leaving the original replies where they are but copying and pasting them here as well. Welcome Dr. Alex – Debbie

Dear ALL
I am one of the key dentists of the new facility taking over after SIC. As a healthcare practitioner I am deeply sympathetic with all hardship you had to endure.
I would like to assure you that our practice has been around for 37 years serving generations of folks in Santa Ana. We are in a business of comprehensive treatments and addressing multiple needs. All of you do not just need quick implants: you need ongoing care. Few of you came in (outside of being reasonably upset) are very nice folks needing a lot more than finishing implant work. I would urge you to understand that “quick and easy” implant placement is not always the end of your treatment but just a beginning.

Now, to the hard facts:
We were contacted by Dr. T and his attorney to help them find a new Dental home for you, we were given no money.
We are in a process of getting your records and should have them in our hands this weekend.
We will try to get your cases but it might be problematic.
Dr. T has a BK case and we can furnish case number and attorney handling it to you upon your visit.
SIC will not reopen due to multiple issues.
You are free to go to any dentist to finish the work and we will do our best to provide you with the records.
Our call center (I hate doing to you) is set up so as not to choke our office with your calls.
We WILL call everyone with in 24 hours.
We will try to help you as much as we can to at least understand what to do next.

Please be patient with us: we are trying very hard, and will be in a much better position to understand all the issues shortly.

I think it is better for you to post your questions here in a blog and I promise to read it and reply every 2-3 days.


May 23, 2013

Dear ALL!
We are doing best we can and trying to schedule all of you to come in ASAP. I am confident that most of your problems could be fixed. We are hoping to get all of the computerized records before Friday and start looking into lab cases over the weekend.
Dr T is very cooperative and seem to want to help-his cooperation is very important to assure easy transition.
When you call number we have provided-it forwards you to answering service-people answering it are not working for us and simply taking your message. We presently allocated Brenda as full time scheduling coordinator and most of the calls are answered same or next business day.
I am very confident that most of your problems can be fixed. I would also like to take this opportunity to suggest that many of you seem to have great hope for implants as a way to “fix all of the dental problems”. In reality, most of you have multiple dental needs and require comprehensive dental care to maintain great, healthy smiles.
Please feel free to post your questions-will reply in 1-3 days.


June 2, 2013

Dear ALL! I am happy to report to you that ALL of the computerized records and MOST of the actual charts are now in our possession. We also were able to identify most of the implant sizes and parts and will help you to relate this info to your dentist. We also transferred laboratory cases-most of them were not finished. You might have to check with us to see if it is simpler to start over. Due to Dr T financial hardship towards the end-I would not assume that all the lab work is done. On a very positive note-most of you coming in-we find a well placed and healed implants. That makes our job helping you a lot easier.IT IS ALL FIXABLE!!! We are also not charging any of you for any X-rays, consultations or minor repairs so even if you have moved on with your new dentist-feel free to come in to see what parts/systems were used.


June 4 2013

Miro and the rest of the patients Finishing actual prosthetic work is not very complicated but requires knowledge and understanding of full mouth rehabilitation. Some how,a lot of you,were made believe that it will be fast ,easy and long term. Reality is-the work required is complex and required time and follow up to be done right. Good news-most of you heve good foundation to build on.



May 13

Bankruptcy Protection

Thomas J Teich and Nadia Abazarnia of Teich & Abazarnia Dental Corporation: Smile Implant Center, filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy 03/06/2013 and then Chapter 7 bankruptcy was filed 04/29/2013.

May 13

Smile Implant Center – Permanently Closed

Smile Implant Center has closed its doors permanently due to legal, financial and the personal health of Dr. Teich.

Dr. Teich is in the process of arranging with another facility in Santa Ana to have our case files and lab work transferred to this facility. This transfer is in its infancy as the initial discussions/arrangements began this past Saturday. It is my understanding this facility has been in business for 35 years, has 7 doctors and access to 33 labs.

It is not possible for there to be any transfer of monies between Smile Implant Center and the new facility but at least this new facility is willing, at this point, to take on our cases and work with us to finish our treatments, if we so choose. Many of us know that finding a new facility to take on an incomplete case has been difficult if not impossible; hence we have become Dental Orphans.

Presently there is a call center taking our names and phone numbers for the new facility. If you are interested you can call 714-569-1530 and leave your information. When you call you will be read a scripted statement the personnel were given, after which the individual will take your name and number. These individuals do not have any further information either about Dr. Teich, Smile Implant Center or our case status. They are there for intake only.

I know this is frightening, maddening and emotionally exhausting but please keep a check on your emotional state when speaking with these intake personnel, they too only know what you will be read.

Additionally, once we get and attend appointments with this new facility we need to be mindful not to transfer any feelings we may be experiencing, as a result this situation, on to the staff of this new facility. This new facility is not required legally, morally or ethically to take on our cases so let’s be careful we don’t inadvertently punish them, or we may end up maintaining our status as Dental Orphans.

I will be posting any new and/or definitive appropriate information as I receive it. If you receive any information please let me know by posting a reply on this blog. Also please feel free to post your experiences with the new facility to let us know how that is going. I will do the same.

Again the number for the intake call center is 714-569-1530.

Dec 03

Message from Dr. Teich

Dear Patients and Friends,

My name is Dr. Thomas Teich and I am the owner and founder of the Smile Implant Center that started 11 years ago. I opened the business myself and for the first 6 months I was the only employee. I answered the phones in the beginning and made all the appointments I set up and sterilized the instruments and did everything myself. Over those years from 2002 through 2008 our office was located in Santa Ana on Bristol Street and grew gradually and consistently by providing care to patients with a small staff in a small facility. At this office when we moved we had seen over 10,000 patients. This was a small office and it was personally possible for me to start and oversee all the patients treatment that was done here with great success and personal attention to everyone’s case.

In 2009 we moved to a Newport Beach location much larger than this original office. We experienced a large phase of expansion over the past few years. During this expansion I became the primary implant surgeon at the center. I was doing surgeries 4 sometimes 5 days a week. This was the primary beginning stage of the treatment. We expanded and increased the number other staff members and doctors to finishing the final stages of the implant treatment. Thousands of patients were started and completed with no delays or problems. Some of the patients that had complicated treatment plans and in my opinion did not get to a final stage of treatment in what I believe was a reasonable period of time. I saw this trend increasing in the treatment cycle time of some of our implant patients after we moved and expanded our operation. Most all implant cases take a minimum of 6 months treatment. Some cases involving sinus bone grafts and take up to one and a half to two years to complete. Some of the cases at our Newport location were taking longer.

After I identified this trend I made a decision over the past year to systematically reduced the number of staff and the number of doctors that are working at the center in an effort to allow me to get the office to the point that I could supervise and direct all the patients treatment from start to finish. I also decreased the number of new patients that we were starting treatment. I knew this change in the treatment delivery system was a necessary modification in the way we were completing treatment cases on patients. This accounts for some of the reasons that appointments were more difficult to get and it was harder to call the office and get a response.

The past 4 weeks our remaining staff have all helped to relocate back to the original smaller office in Santa Ana where we started in in 2002. This transition took longer than planned and disrupted treatment on our patients and telephone systems in ways that were not anticipated. I sincerely apologize for the frustrations and problems many of you had due to this relocation. The main computer systems were just finally moved last Thursday night and are still getting them reconfigured to work properly. We are not closing our office or going out of business.

All of your charts and lab work are still organized and available to move to the next phase of your treatment. I am the only doctor working at this time and plan to personally review and oversee the completion of all the patients that have additional treatment needed. This will take additional time because I wish to schedule patients so they do not have to go through the long waiting periods that some experienced at the Newport facility. I want to help to finish everyone’s treatment as soon as possible. I am willing to work 6 days a week if necessary to get everyone completed. If you will allow me to do this I need your help.

I please ask your assistance in helping me manage your case in the following way. At the end of this message, you will see “STEP TWO” with a link under it called “Patient Information and Appointment Scheduling.” In order to complete the feedback process, please click that link and completely fill out the form on the following page which will be emailed directly to me at

I will receive all these emails personally. I will review your chart and laboratory case and return an email to let you know what the best plan is to move forward with your situation. The best way for me to help you is to get the above information first and review your case and chart before we speak on the phone. I am willing to talk to any patient personally on the phone if this is what you want and prefer this over email correspondence.

Please help me help you. I am here for everyone and not going anywhere except back to the new office. We all wish to thank all of our patients over all the years for allowing all of us to provide your dental treatment. I know things did not go smoothly lately but please be patient and I promise this will change soon and everyone will be completed.

Thank you,

Dr. Thomas Teich
Smile Implant Center
2740 South Bristol Street Suite 200
Santa Ana, California 92704


Complete the Patient Information and Appointment Scheduling

Nov 29


In the event that any patient of Smile Implant Center is unable to return to Dr. Teich for completion of their treatment as a result of the events that have occurred, I am posting a link to an “Action Guide” created by Attorney Lou Cutrone of Cutrone & Associates. Lou has dedicated a page on his website for Smile Implant Center patients. It is very informative, especially in areas of obtaining patient records, credit issues, contacts for complaints, et cetera. Regardless of what route any of us take at this point in time, the information in general on his site may be useful to all of us in the future, aside from our current situation. To reach his page, copy and paste into your browser:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lou Cutrone for his passion, help, and support given freely in this situation. I have always thought attorneys like you Lou, existed only in television fiction.

Nov 27


Yesterday I had my first appointment with Dr. Teich in the Santa Ana office to work toward completing my treatment; this was the first time I met him. Dr. Teich apologized to me for what we went through. He came across as sincere, and that sincerity relaxed me. He answered any questions I had, and clearly explained what needed clarification. He was polite, personable and professional which rekindled feelings of trust and hope I had at my initial consultation. The waiting time of 3-4 hours we experienced at Newport Beach didn’t exist here, in fact I hardly had a chance to read 2 pages on my kindle. I didn’t witness any hostility or tension in the office between staff members or staff members and patients. So, so far so good, I’ll continue to update along the way.

Correction: Apparently it wasn’t the first time I met him. I just didn’t realize it, here is what occurred:

10th 2011 appointment I was placed in a room in with Julio, Carlos, and a dentist. I was then informed that a full upper bridge of 14 teeth (what I paid for) could not be done unless I had a bilateral sinus lift and 2 additional implants. Since all the information regarding my mouth was known before the surgery I asked why I wasn’t informed about this, before the surgery. No one had an answer, just silence. I then stated I paid for a full upper bridge and that I should be given a refund of the difference. Julio said that could be dealt with later. A discussion of the sinus lift surgery ensued. It was reiterated that if I wanted a full upper bridge of 14 teeth the surgery would have to be done. The dentist offered a deal of “$6000.00 for the cost of bone material only.” I questioned the possibility of developing chronic sinus problems, chronic facial pain, possibility of bone graft failure as well as the added length of healing and treatment time, etc.

I chose not to undergo further surgery (I definitely wouldn’t have consented to this treatment on Jan 10th if I had been informed of all this then) as a result I was informed the bridge then would only contain 12 teeth. A notation was made on my chart that I refused further surgery.

It was this notation on my chart that was the revealing factor. The following appointment to the one above I showed Teich the page in my file. (I thought it was another dentist and that I hadn’t met him until tht day in Santa Ana) The dentist in the room was backlit so with my eyesight I wasn’t able to really see facial details. Anyway when I showed him the page, Teich immediately stated it was his handwriting and notations. It was then I realized it was Teich who made that offer to do the sinus lift for the “cost of bone material only”. I have spoken with other dentists regarding the amount of bone material typically used in a sinus lift; they told me it’s about $250.00 worth of material per side and that sinus lifts run about $2500.00 per side; that includes the bone material.

Nov 21

CBS Channel 2 Investigates!

CBS2 Investigation: Patients Claim OC Dentist Didn’t Give Them Care They Paid For

Click the picture to see the full investigation by CBS reporter David Goldstein

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